PS Bearing Witness Vol 3 March 2013 Is Out Now! - P.S. Bearing Witness Vol. 3 March 2013

Sarah Jones Reports - P.S. Bearing Witness Vol. 2. February 2013Click to view P.S. Bearing Witness Vol. 2. February 2013

Lots of New Under Reported World News Sections Including End of January Wrap Up; Photo Essay from the Brilliant Alessandro Vannucci; Feb’s Under Reported News; Meet the Akuntsu; What’s really going on in the Tunisian Revolution?; Oversimplified: terms mainstream media uses to oversimplify a situation; Country to Watch: Jordan; and Clashes


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Monthly Magazine Focused on Under Reported News Launched




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Doooon’t Stop Belieeeeeving

How the Brain and Eye Work via eyemakeart

If you think your eyesight could improve with practice, you’re likely to see better according to a Harvard University study.

Science News say the study reveals that expectations of improved eyesight actually enhance visual clarity rather than just increasing alertness or motivation to focus on seeing.