Tell Me the Most Under Reported Story You Know

Are you pissed off or surprised that mainstream media is not reporting about something going on in your home town?

Or that you know about?

if you see something and don’tknow what to make of it or have suspicions that something is going on?

Email me, I’ll do the investigating and report on it…my job is to find the news you want to know


3 responses to “Tell Me the Most Under Reported Story You Know

  1. One thing that really burns me up is the treatment of Hispanics in America! It’s full-blown racism and open season on anyone Hispanic. For example, Tennessee is waging war on Hispanics, especially Mexicans, labeling anyone from Mexico “gang members’, setting up fake home invasions in order to be able to “out” illegals, imprisoning Hispanics unfairly and breaking up families and married couples. They have shut down so many Latino businesses that some neighborhoods look like ghost towns.

    The crimes being committed against Mexicans, by law enforcement as well as the general public, are atrocious, and nothing is being done about it.

    It makes me ashamed to call myself an American.

  2. I hear the writer about the Hispanic problem, but it’s deeper. Look at what’s happening in the streets of “Poor America” in general. Don’t think you need to be a certain race to experience what’s apparently being down played or just ignored.

  3. What specific stories do you feel are being down played and ignored? As a public servant I will do my best to bring them to light. And please pass around my email address if anyone you know comes across any information that other people may want to know. I truly appreciate how both of you (Jerome and Mimi) have taken the time to share your thoughts and I hope to honor your trust and respect through my hard work. Thank you for your support. Please email me anytime at

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