What’s Wrong With Mainstream News?

If you could change anything about mainstream news, what would it be?

And, how would you change it?

And if you prefer to go on the Internet for information, why? and what type of stuff do you look up when it comes to news?

Please email me, or leave a comment, what you have to say is important, and what you want, is what you should get!




2 responses to “What’s Wrong With Mainstream News?

  1. i’d change how everything is boiled down to a simple thought that explains the issue. the media does it to concise and get the point across to the masses, but they have to stop thinking that people are so stupid that they can’t think about the complexity of events. sometimes one article giving different points of views is thought-provoking.

  2. kelton orbison

    they are corporate owned release what they are told.Remember when we had actual indepth unbiasedreporting?actual investigative news that we could believe? FORGET IT.IT NEVER HAPPENED.THE COROPORISTS HAVE FUCKED US ALL SINCE INCEPTION.

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