Scientists Create Clouds Indoors

Green light reveals a cloud created by shooting a laser into a gas chamber. The same technique could create clouds in the sky. via Jean Pierre Wolf at University of Geneva via Science News


For the first time scientists have been able to create a cloud indoors and outdoors using a high-powered according to a study by the University of Geneva


Co-Author of the study, Scientist Jérôme Kasparian says the laser was used to squeeze water from the air in both settings.


Steam shower via econature

Atmospheric scientists have been try to build artificial clouds since the 1940’s according to Science News. It says previous experiments believed water droplets needed a surface to condense on like a mirror in the bathroom during a shower. But says the study at the University of Geneva is based on the idea that when a cosmic ray strikes a sealed container filled with water vapor it leaves water droplets.


Why does the Cosmic Ray Work?

According to observations by scientist Charles Wilson, cosmic rays knock electrons off the water molecule leaving behind charged particles that act like specks of dust for water to congeal around says Science News.

Cloud Formations Weather Questions


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