World Famous Geologist Stabbed To Death

Campbell Bridges via

Campbell Bridges via


A world famous geologist has been stabbed to death in south eastern Kenya. Campbell Bridges, 72, was fatally wounded after a dispute with local miners who were allegedly illegally searching for gems  on the geologist’s family land says Campbell’s son.

Tanzanite via whiteflash

Tsavorite via whiteflash

little blue box via farm1

little blue box via farm1



Campbell Bridges has been accredited with discovering Tsavorite. And developing a huge market for the gem through Tiffany and Company according to censorbugbear-reports.


2 responses to “World Famous Geologist Stabbed To Death

  1. Thanks for linking this story to my website. I don’t mind if you reproduce the entire article either. By the way, the picture of the gem isn’t tanzanite, but definitely is Tsavorite – the gem discovered by this tragically-murdered world-famous geologist.

  2. Thank you so much for your comment Adriana. Your support is truly appreciated. Thank you for also pointing out the mistake, I’ll fix it right away. Thank you!

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