Threat of Violence Over Oil


Residents of Abyei

Residents of Abyei via Sudan Tribune

Sudan is preparing to rule on the borders of a major oil producing region this week (planned announcement July 22nd). And some political analysts fear conflict over the major economic source in Abyei will negate peace treaty efforts and spark violence throughout the country. 

District Map with Abyei Highlighted via wikipedia

District Map with Abyei Highlighted via wikipedia

The Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) has  been helping to reduce conflict after almost four decades  of civil war by equally splitting oil profits between the north and south.

But the source for 92.6% of Sudan’s export revenue is based in oil fields which are located in the Southern half of the country.

And these fields were not discovered till after the 1972 peace agreement  was signed.

The peace agreement also granted the South autonomy and its own government while also incorporating the southern guerilla movement into the national army.

According to the peace treaty Southern Sudan has two years before it will vote on whether it wants to remain a part of its more colonially influenced northern half.

And many military experts fear that a brutal Sudanese civil war may take place in 2011.  They say ongoing shipments and pirated weaponry may be signs that people are arming themselves.

This weekend there was a build-up of southern troops close to Abyei, according to the United Nations .

 Reuters says the Southern Sudan is denying the accusation.  


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