Deportation May Cause Economic Collapse in South East Asia

Sabah via Sabah Travels Guide

Sabah via Sabah Travels Guide

Malaysia’s economy, especially in the oil rich state of Sabah, is at high risk of collapsing due to the recent wave of deportations according to a Filipino diplomat who spoke with the national publication. The Inquirer Global Nation  this issue will be the major hot topic during next weeks Fifth Philippines-Malaysia Working Group Meeting on Migrant Workers.

The diplomat who choose to remain anonymous told the paper that after Malaysia’s elections last spring, Sabah has stepped up it’s deportation of 250 Filipinos, many of whom are migrant workers.

The head of the Philippians delegation of Migrant workers told the paper he hopes the outcome of next weeks meeting will  ensure the welfare and protection of documented Filipino workers, as well as the orderly repatriation of undocumented.

AlthoughSabahresidents have chosen to be under Malaysian jurisdiction, the Philippians claims it owns Sabah on the basis of old historical agreements and documents


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