Camel Farming Could Be the Answer

Camel via yogatravel

Camel via yogatravel


Camel farming could be a solution to food  and financial instability or over 72 million people who live in range land system in Africa, according to a recent study by International livestock Research Institute (Nairobi).

It says in Kenya members of the Samburu tribe who began rearing camels in the last two to three decades because of the negative climactic impact on their herd and cattle are in a much better position than other members of the tribe.

And that climate projections indicate that food like maize that are now common place in the arid and semi arid region of West, East and Southern Africa will be close to impossible to grow in the future.

And that although livestock farming as a solution is not a new idea, specific areas in Africa could gain from the promotion o f livestock ownership on small farms.


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