Torture Allegations To Be Reviewed By Supreme Court

In Kyrgyzstan the Supreme Court is reviewing a case regarding allegation of torture while in detention made by protesters against authorities according to a non government organization.

Human Rights Watch says according to provincial commission reports while in pretrial detention law enforcement officials allegedly  poured hot and cold water on the defendants, beat the soles of their feet, and semi-suffocated them using plastic bags or gas masks.

And that defendants were humiliated and were not allowed to use the bathroom or have access to medical treatment while in police custody.

Article 305-1 of the Kyrgyz criminal code bans torture. Under article 325 of the criminal code, officials “may be held criminally liable for coercion to testify by means of threats, violence, or blackmailing of a person being questioned or other unlawful acts.”

Human Rights Watch says  police allegedly arrested the defendants claiming they were extremists. And that at the time of the arrest the protesters were demonstrating against the government’s decision not to allow a religious celebration for an annual religious holiday.


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