Green Charcoal Produces Enough for 30, 000 People Daily

Downtown Dakar via Virtual

Downtown Dakar via Virtual

Fuel can be made from cotton stems, weeds and other types of agricultural byproduct according to a French Charity.

Pro Natura International has developed “green charcoal” in Senegal.

cooking via pronatura

cooking via pronatura

It says in areas like Dakar where people rely on charcoal for cooking the organization hopes to work with the state government to offer cheaper alternatives to lumbar.

Pro Natura also say only six people are needed to run the machinery. But that in just a day this system can supply the needs for thirty thousand people.

green charcoal via pronatura

green charcoal via pronatura

And in countries where majority of the energy is sourced from wood, this alternative can also stop deforestation as such fast rates.

Pro Natura International  also hopes to launch similar ventures in Brazil, China, India, Madagascar, Mali, and Niger.


2 responses to “Green Charcoal Produces Enough for 30, 000 People Daily

  1. Charcoal is black .

  2. Thank you for your post James! I think Pro Natura International named the charcoal green charcoal because it’s better in terms of sustainability and the environment. So basically “green” as in sustainability as opposed to green the color . Thank you again and your support is truly appreciated!

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