More Violence in Gaza

HRW Report via hrw

HRW Report via hrw

Internal violence in Gaza has continued since the twenty two day Israeli offense on the region, according to a report by one of the largest international non government organizations.

Human Rights Watch(HRW) says  Palestinian human rights groups in Gaza are reporting fourteen more murders. And  that despite promises to investigate unlawful killings, this violence has mostly gone unpunished. HRW says it only of one murder alleged to have been committed by Hamas Security Forces,  which Hamas Authorities have actually investigated.

During the Twenty Two Day Offensive:

HRW also says during the Israeli led assault on Gaza, Hamas Security Forces and masked gun men extra-judicially executed 18 people. It says of those executed most were accused of collaborating with Israel or had escaped detention after Gaza’s main prison was bombed by Israel.

And that allegedly in extra-judicial corroboration, the  masked gunmen had broken the legs and arms of at least 73 Palestinian men only three of which were documented as supporters of Hamas’ political opponents, according to HRW.

The Independent Commission for Human Rights says at least 49 Fatah members and supporters were maimed by deliberately inflicted gun wounds.

Has this happened before?

Human Rights Watch has previously documented similar abuses by Hamas police and  its Security Forces. It says Hamas has  detained Palestinians without real reason, as well as severely beaten, shot, tortured and sometime killed some of the men and women of Gaza.

The independent organization also has records of complaints in the West Bank. It says 31 residents have reported torture by Fatah led Security forces.

These abuses violate  the Palestinian constitution. The Palestinian Basic Law guarantee fundamental due process rights, equality before the law, and freedom of expression. It prohibits torture as well as other forms of mistreatment.


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