US Citizens Are Being Deported Illegally

While in jail for a misdemeanor, a US citizen who is both  mentally ill and illiterate, signed a waiver agreeing to be deported to Mexico as an illegal immigrant without a hearing.

For months his mother searched for him in Tijuana and for months he was homeless in Mexico. He was found trying to cross the border back to the States.

Return to Mexico via

Return to Mexico via

In one month the U.S. government has deported at least 55 U.S. citizens according to an investigation by Associated Press (AP).

However, immigration lawyers say there are actually hundreds of US citizens who have been deported.

But the exact number will remain unknown, as long as no one is responsible for, or has chosen to take record.

AP say that its investigation revealed U.S. citizens have been detained for periods ranging from a day to five years  and that according to U.S. law it is illegal to deport U.S. citizens or detain them for immigration violations.

It says lack of resources to deal with immigration issues results in the detention of citizens who are mentally ill, minorities, poor, children, and/or have outstanding criminal warrants.  And that Americans of Hispanic decent are  most likely  to be illegally deported from the U.S..


One response to “US Citizens Are Being Deported Illegally

  1. Shapel Mallard

    Its really not surprising. Upsetting but nothing really unexpected. The United States government has a history of skirting its own laws when dealing with vulnerable populations, especially when the current political climate makes it particularly expedient, or convenient to violate those basic rights (i.e. japanese americans WWII, black males during the tuskegee experiments, etc etc.

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