Surrogate Human Microchip

Body on a Chip via ivanhoe

Body on a Chip via ivanhoe

A piece of technology the size of a post stamp can both reduce the demand for animal testing and lower the cost for developing new drugs, according to medical researchers at Cornell University.

“Body-on-a-Chip” acts as a surrogate human for medical testing.  The microchip is lined with human tissue cells. When the chip is pumped through artificial blood laced with test drugs it demonstrates the way human organs would react to the environmental chemical or medication. And its yellow dye shows how the human body would react to the same chemical or medication.

Johnson & Johnson is looking at “Body-on-a-chip” for commercial use, while students are using it to test cancer medications.

Researchers say they are hoping the device will lower the $800 million to $1.5 billion it currently cost for all the trials and errors it takes to develop a single medication.


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