Radio Station in Indonesia Protects Local Listners


Merapi via blogspot

A community radio station in Indonesia is protecting listeners through surveillance of  weather and the volatile Volcano Mount Merapi.

Lintas Merapi Radio station updates about ten thousand listeners for only thirty dollars a month. The station observe the “Mountain of Fire” from a two story high building and send broadcasts using a computer, mixer and microphone.

Recently cooled lava threatens the local community by causing rainwater to mix with ash, sand, gravel and stone.

Mount Merapi Volcano erupts every two to three years on a small scale, and large eruptions occur every 10 to 15 years, according to Oxfam.

The local community has stayed near Mount Merapi because of its fertile land, and income from tourism.

Merapi Volcano via Lombokmarine

Merapi Volcano via Lombokmarine


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