New Contract in Iraq

Triple Canopy

Triple Canopy

A private firm will be increasing its security work in Iraq according to a new contract with the US State Department.

Triple Canopy will be taking over the expiring contract of  Xe (formerly known as Blackwater) in May.

Some analysts say the private security force will  “follow on force”  by protecting US personnel and trainers in Iraq.

As a presidential candidate, Barak Obama said if elected he would “rule out private security contractors that are not accountable to US law.”

But, currently Triple Canopy, dynCorp and Xe are not held accountable under American law for crimes committed in Iraq, according to President Obama, the Justice Department and a host of legal experts.

The US Embassy in Iraq, which requires significant protection for diplomats and personnel,  is said to become the largest embassy in the world.

President Obama did however pave the way for protective forces entirely composed of government personnel by proposing to increase funding for diplomatic security.

Some analysts say building such a force might take a long time.

Triple Canopy via Muckety

Triple Canopy via Muckety

But, both Iraqi and the US government can unilaterally terminate the security agreement at any time twelve months in advance.

Iraq is schedule to have a national referendum on the Status of Forces Agreement this summer.

If Iraqis reject the referendum, American forces would leave as early as July 2010.

The U.S. currently has 283 installations in Iraq.

US Government Accountability Office Report on Key Issues Regarding Iraq


2 responses to “New Contract in Iraq

  1. My son is a contractor with TC, no names used. He has told me they are governed by the US Department of State. Nothing has been mentioned about TC taking over where Black Water left off. They also provide very different services, like protecting voters during the recent elections and providing professional security to diplomats, etc. Where do you get your info?

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