Second Report Reveals Medical Code Violations in Gaza

PHR Sign via IMEMC

PHR Sign via IMEMC

An Israeli Physicians group says the military violated medical ethical codes during its offensive in Gaza. Physicians for Human Rights- Israel (PHR) say the military did not evacuate besieged and wounded families, and that it prevented Palestinian medical teams from reaching those who were hurt.

The World Health Organisation says that 16 Palestinian medical Personnel were killed  and 25 were wounded by Israeli fire during the assault.  It also says that 24 medical facilities including 8 hospitals were attacked.


One response to “Second Report Reveals Medical Code Violations in Gaza

  1. Unfortunately, China is the only country that suggests employ traditional medicine for the poor’s primary health care, which is otherwise done by conventional medicine throughout the rest of the world. When I unveiled this fact, the people in China began suspecting their government. The people asked that if traditional Chinese medicine is compatible with conventional medicine, how come other countries refuse to recognize it?

    Over the past sixty years, the Chinese government has been making the mistake of dual endorsement of conventional and traditional medicine. Now, in an attempt to cover up, the government calls for traditional Chinese medicine to join the rest of the world. With the help of the head of the WHO, Mrs. Chen, a Hong Kong native, the WHO announced the Beijing Declaration after a conference in Beijing in November 2008, which subscribed to the backwards situation in China.

    The above extract is from William Wang’s article “In the Beijing Declaration, the WHO devalues a human right for the poor by endorsing traditional medicine.”. You can find and read the complete article at

    Yours sincerely,


    Dr Tomas Eric Nordlander
    Human Rights Defence

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