Blackwater Wants a New Image

Blackwater via shoe ducking

Blackwater via shoe ducking

One of the largest security firms is changing its name due to the tarnished reputation it feels it earned in Iraq.

Blackwater Worldwide will continue to protect U.S. diplomats in Iraq but, will now operate under the name Xe (pronounced “z”).

The U.S. State Department also announced it would not renew it’s $1 billion contract with Blackwater after it expires in May.

In last years interview with the Associated Press, Blackwater said it hoped to focus on business operations rather than involve itself in private security contracting because of it’s reputation.

The firm is also trading it’s bear paw logo with a more business-likeĀ  insignia featuring the name Xe in black and white.

Blackwater via Soxfirst

Blackwater via Soxfirst

According to Huffingtonpost, the company’s brand was damaged by its security work in Iraq including the infamous shooting in Baghdad’s Nisoor Square, in which more than a dozen Iraqi civilians were murdered.


3 responses to “Blackwater Wants a New Image

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  2. Just a way for them to operate in the Shadows rather than stay in the lime light of bad press to be a target or punching bag.

    Once you have made all of that money and have those “experienced” people work for you, it doesn’t all just go away or stop at once.

    A new name and direction maybe, but not just stop business.

    There are too many shady connections involved here and retired professionals that are just too good at what they do.

    They can afford to pick and choose their men now.

  3. Good Day. I want to ask for more information on how to join Blackwater?

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