Ugandans Want To Go To Iraq

Ugandan Security Gaurds for US based EOD Technology in Iraq via Mauricio Lima/AFP/Getty Images/NEWSCOM

Ugandan Security Gaurds for US based EOD Technology in Iraq via Mauricio Lima/AFP/Getty Images/NEWSCOM

Thousands from Uganda desperate to go to Iraq during the most privatized war in history.The Ugandan government says more than 10,000 men and women are working as private security guards for multibillion dollar companies protecting  airports, army bases, and oil firms  in Iraq.

One guard back in Uganda for a month after protecting areas in Monsul and Baghdad told reporters: “It’s not like Uganda. You sweat and sweat and sweat,” says a former soldier in the Ugandan Army. “It is the most dangerous place in the world. It’s even worse than Congo.”

Many reports have claimed this is a form of slavery. However, one Ugandan says it’s not like before:”Unlike in the past when there was the slave trade, no company comes here and recruits anyone against their wishes. It is willing worker, willing employer,” Mr. Rukutana says. “If anyone thinks the conditions there are bad or that he is going to be exploited, no one is compelling him to go.” Rukutana says that only one Ugandan has been killed in Iraq, while others say more have died.

According to the Christian Science Monitor, the first Ugandans were sent to Iraq in late 2005.It says since then competition among developing countries in Africa and the Indian subcontinent,  Uganda’s  government has cut the minimum wage from $1,300 to $600 a  month. In Iraq it is estimated that an American guard can make approximately $15,000  each month.


2 responses to “Ugandans Want To Go To Iraq

  1. This is a story that I have not read anywhere else. Thanks for commenting on coloredopinions so that I could find your post. Hope to read more on this in the future.

  2. The question was forming in my head as I read past the slavery comments what exactly these guys are getting paid to provide whatever services they provide. And of course, how this compared to the American salary.
    But this isnt what struck me, because slavery is such a vast topic, and there are people who are willing to be slaves, and think that because they are ‘willing’ slaves, this somehow solves the problem. Rather, what interested me is how Iraq has become such an open mine, that even we, as Africans, are dipping our hands into it. I remember when the troubles started in the DRC, there were the africans fighting the africans, mercenaries dipping their fingers, or machine guns rather, into the pie, companies, other countries etc, and how quick we are to forget, so ultimately, and again, we fail to learn why we study History…

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