New Shelters Erected in Sri Lanka

Tamil Refuge via Reuters

Tamil Refuge via Reuters


Many are injured, some with infected wounds which have been infected for weeks, says Medicins Sans Frontiers (MSF). The organization is calling on both the army and the Tamil Tigers in the Vanni area in north Sri Lanka to allow humanitarian assistance  to access civilians.

Just outside Vanni, the MSF medical teams are working with local hospital staff. It says almost ninety percent of injuries seen are a result of direct fighting (gun shot or shrapnel wounds).

New shelters have been erected within the Mulattivu District¬† of Sri Lanka, according to the United Nations (UN). The UN has published an initial assessment analysis summary of satellite imagery of Sri Lanka’s government declared Civilian Safe Zone (CSZ) acquired on 5, 18-19 February 2009. The analysis has not yet been verified in the field.


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