History Repeats, so soon?: “Simon says, Close Your Eyes” says one government to the World

Puthikkudiyiruppu Hospital via

Puthikkudiyiruppu Hospital via Tamilnet

Two  hospitals have been hit for two days by over 5,000 artillery shells and Multi Barrel Rocket Launcher (MBRL) rockets.  In the same northern region of Puthikudiyiruppu (PTK), and Theviapuram, cluster bombs were deployed raising the death toll by over 60, in what is now one of Asia’s longest running war (violating the Fourth Geneva Convention).

Sri Lanka Map via BBC

Sri Lanka Map via BBC

Many (non mainstream media) reports are accusing the Sri Lankan government of allegedly engaging in ethnic cleansing. Identifying the bombers, and verifying whether ethnic cleansing is being attempted is impossible at this point. The national government ban is preventing all media and international aid organization from reporting and assisting thereby furthering the humanitarian crisis (300,000 civilians do not have shelter, food, clean water or adequate medical aid, says ACT NOW).

Attacks on Civilians via Act NOW

Attacks on Civilians via Act NOW

Discrimination by the government controlling Buddhist Sinhalese majority  against the Hindu Tamil minority catalyzed the formation of LITE (the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eealam) says the group.  LITE formed with the mission of an independent state in the north and east part of  the island.

What the International Red Cross Tells Us:

The Sri Lankan military aims to end this conflict and has surrounded  the 300 sq km (115 sq miles) of Puthikudiyiruppu controlled by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LITE). The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) says 200,000 civilians are trapped in the very center of the LITE  controlled jungle territory. (The local government reports the trapped civilian count as half of ICRC’s).

TNA MP for Vanni S. Kanagratam says that the victims are within a safety zone, and the

TNA MP for Vanni S. Kanagratnam via Tamilnet

TNA MP for Vanni S. Kanagratnam via Tamilnet

Tamils are the obvious target of the government. He says, the media’s misrepresentation is only veiling the reality that  the Sri Lankan state is maiming and killing hundreds of Tamils weekly. He also says that regardless of intentions the media is also helping to conceal the idea that the government is now shelling areas where it drew civillians after designating these areas as safe zones.

Over 70,000-100,000  Tamil men, women and children  have been killed since the onset violence in 1983. Children have been exploited as soldiers by both sides, and explosive debris has mad large land masses toxic, displacing hundreds of thousands, causing one million to flee, and contributing to child malnutrition.

Children via Act Now

Children via Act Now

Unfortunately, Sri Lanka has long been an ignored country by international mainstream media, making verification of accounts almost impossible. There are reports alleging that Sri Lanka is one of the only country known to have launched serious offensives on it’s own civilians, making it fourth in the world for after the Former Soviet Union, Iraq and Indonesia. ACT NOW says, the country is within the top ten on the ‘red alert’ list of genocide ridden countries.

Internationally recognized legal war crime expert, Professor Francis Boyle says “as a United States Citizen, Defense Secretary Rajapakse, should be prosecuted by the United States government for violating the US Genocide Convention Implementation Act and the US War Crimes Act.”


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