You May Hear About This Stunt….



Reportedly, this FICTIONAL video in which former President George W. Bush’s “psychologist” says he fears for his life,  was anonymously sent to the editorial offices of Washington Watch.

The fictional character is supposed to be a native New Yorker and Prominent psychologist Dr. Atler who was reported missing on May 5th 2007. He specialized in leadership psychology and mostly advised corporate clients, as well as Eagles Foundation of America, non profit which helps to promote leadership skills among the prison community.


John Wareham via his website

John Wareham via his website

Former confidential corporate leader counselor, John Wareham, has written fictional piece based on the fact that Dr. Alter was President Bush’s psychologist. Prior to this publication, Wareham wrote Op Eds for both the New York Times and Financial Times as well as three novels.

A month before his father’s disappearance,  aspiring poet  Ethan Alter died  of a drug overdose on 25 April 2007.

Dr. Alter’s wife, Grace, was killed in a 2002 robbery.

Please be assured a follow up in regards to this story is being pursued..the video is creating a stir as to whether it was released as just promotional stunt for Wareham’s book, or if  the video is real. Either way, the book itself is purely fictional.


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