This land is you land, This land is My land…

One year prior to retirement, Andy Tores, who had served the South Dakota Army National Guard for 19 years,  suffered an unexpected leg injury that would not heal. Discharged due to his inability to work as a journeyman electrician or physically training Guard member, as a result of his injury, Tores applied for the Veteran Administrations disability pension. The Social Security Administration approved the request, but the Veteran Administration repeatedly rejected  his request. Why would a veteran who served for nineteen years be rejected from the disability pension to which  he was rightfully entitled?

State Map via mmvehicles

State Map via mmvehicles

Torres was told by a Nebraska claims lawyer that if he lived in Nebraska his claim would have gone through years ago. Reportedly, Native American Dakota vets are routinely denied disability pensions, says the Native American Times.

Veteran Administration officer, Melvin Brewer, told the Native American Times,  he submitted six Native American vet claims to the South Dakota Veteran Office in Sioux Falls only to have all six denied.


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