Australian Courts Should Know, No Means No

Australian residents of Perth, and rape survivor advocacy group ROAR (Rock Out Against Rape)  are planning to protests the courts recent decisions regarding three men accused of gang raping a teenager. All of the men were released on bail, and charges against one of the men have already been dropped.  Perth residents believe that the charges against the remaining men are likely to be dropped tomorrow.

According to ROAR not only is rape one of the most underreported violent crimes, but when reported the survivor is unlikely to achieve justice. Roar also says that the Perth courts common dismissals of rape allegations are likely to discourage women from reporting sexual violence.


3 responses to “Australian Courts Should Know, No Means No

  1. wasn’t this the case where the rapists were children themselves?
    Kevin McCready

  2. Thanks for your comment Kevin,

    The background on the accused to whom you are referring in this gang rape case relating to the story is as follows:

    The Accusation: aggravated sexual penetration without consent and deprivation

    The Accused: 18 year-old male

    Details Filed with Police Regarding the Accusation:

    The accused allegedly knew the accused and they were the same age. The accused allegedly knocked on the window, woke up the female and tricked her into going with him to a park nearby. There she says she was forced into a car by the male she knew along with two others who were waiting nearby before being driven to a unit where she was gang raped by the males. The prosecuting sergeant told the hearing that police had received some information that “cast some questions over the veracity and reliability of the claims of the complainant”. The police prosecutor also said there had been some developments. One of the men told the court he had a child and a wife who had only been in Australia one year and could not speak English.

    – ABC/WAToday/SMH/The Australian/The West

    Thank you for your comment!!! and Thanks for supporting the site!

  3. @ jonessa
    I do agree with your comments, the details provided by your are quite sufficient 2 understand.

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